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Collating Data

The Florida Nonprofit Alliance commissioned an interactive report that creates a vibrant picture of the nonprofit sector’s positive economic impact in the State of Florida. Providing both the state’s elected officials and its nonprofit sector with clear, concise, and accurate information on the breadth and financial scope of the nonprofit sector provides factual support for the investment in the services and resources nonprofits supply. 

Goals and Outcomes

Nonprofits are more important than ever, not only through their various contributions towards health, human service, and education but also in their significant contribution to the overall economy. While there is considerable focus on the public and private sectors of our economy, the nonprofit sector’s economic contributions draw little attention. It is important to understand the contribution the nonprofit sector—which does not include government or public school employment—makes to statewide employment and to highlight its significance and economic contribution to our overall economy.

The research highlights the size and scope of the nonprofit sector and its importance to the state’s economy. It also highlights how far our state needs to go. Florida ranks 39th lowest in the nation for nonprofit assets per capita and 50th lowest in the nation for Volunteerism. The Florida nonprofit economic impact report includes:

  • Interactive, web-based display of nonprofit data statewide,  by county and by region

    • The key to delivering a message is making high-quality information readily accessible and understandable. By creating an interactive web-based data display using Tableau Public, the Florida Nonprofit Alliance can provide stakeholders with information on the type, number, and assets of nonprofits across the state in an easily digestible format.

The information provided by this research can be used for educational purposes and as conversation starters with key elected officials and influencers to help them understand the breadth and depth of the nonprofit sector in their own states and districts. In addition, the report will highlight the role of the nonprofit sector in relation to state and local government dollars. 

FNA can also create custom pieces by county, region, social function. Reach out to Sabeen at if you are interested in commissioning a tailored piece for your community. 

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